Set up webmail for Plesk


In Plesk, it is possible to use the webmail service and send and receive emails via the webmail application. We use the Roundcube service for this by default.


  • Plesk Control Panel
  • Domain in the Plesk Control Panel
  • Installed webmail service
  • DNS entry (webmail)

If you have not installed a webmail service on your server, you can install it later. You can find step-by-step instructions for this in our help center under: Install Webmail for Plesk

Create DNS record for the webmail

A DNS entry is required to use webmail in Plesk. The following DNS entry is required:

RR type: A
TTL: 3600
Host: webmail
IP address: XX.XX.XX.XX (The IPv4 address of the Plesk server)

Our help center article DNS records shows you how to manage, create and change DNS records.

Replace the IPv4 address here with that of the server on which you are using Plesk.

This completes the configuration of the DNS zone for the use of Webmail in Plesk.

Please note that the changes may take some time to be published worldwide.

Issue Lets Encrypt SSL certificate for the webmail

A free Lets Encrypt SSL certificate is required for the security and encryption of your emails. You can easily issue this in the Plesk Control Panel for the desired domain.

To do this, navigate to the desired website under Websites & Domains, which you would like to protect with a free Let's Encrypt certificate.

Here you can select the option SSL/TLS certificates under Security for the respective domain and use your SSL certificate for the webmail domain within a very short time by selecting the option Install free basic certificate from Lets Encrypt.

After clicking on the Install button, you can configure the SSL certificate here. To ensure that the certificate is also used for Webmail, you must activate the following options here:

By clicking on the Use free of charge button, the Let's Encrypt certificate is issued and implemented for use with the webmail service of the respective domain.

You can also find more detailed information on setting up Let's Encrypt SSL certificates in our Help Center article Securing your website with Let's Encrypt

Create e-mail inbox

You can find detailed instructions on how to manage and create new e-mail inboxes in our Help Center article at E-mail inboxes