Reset server password

Our Customer Center offers you the option of resetting the root (Linux) and administrator (Windows) password of your server and storing the access data securely in the password vault. This help center article shows you how to successfully reset your password.

Reset password

To successfully reset the password on a Linux or Windows server, a mobile number must be stored in the customer center. If you have not added a mobile phone number, you can enter it via My account. Our Help Center article will also help you with this: Change master data

You can reset the root or administrator password in the server overview of the respective server. To do this, navigate to the desired Server → Settings → Reset password in the Customer Center.

Server overview - Settings - Reset password

To reset the password, you must enter the host name in the input field for security reasons and confirm that you wish to reset the password using the SMS-TAN procedure. You can then click on Reset password to create a new password for the root user or administrator.

After resetting the password, you will receive an e-mail with all the important information. If you have saved the password in the password vault, you can also view the new password there.

We recommend that you save the new root or administrator password in the password safe so that the password is not lost again and the data is stored securely.