Server snapshots

With our snapshot technology, you can back up and restore the entire server at short notice as an alternative to server backups. This function is particularly suitable for upcoming deployments or software updates.

Supported products: All managed servers based on Linux or Windows are supported. This also includes our Accelerator products such as MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch or NGINX.

Server snapshots have a maximum storage period of 14 days. After the storage period has expired, snapshots are automatically removed without further notice.

Area of application

In addition to our server backups, server snapshots can be used to back up or restore the entire file system in just a few seconds. Server snapshots can also be used to back up a current status before a major update or function extension, which can be restored in a few seconds in the event of an error if the update or function extension leads to an error.


  • Shopware update
  • Shopware plugin installations
  • Software Deployments
  • Database schema customizations

Create server snapshot

First log in to the Customer Center and select the server for which you want to create a new snapshot via the Server menu item.

You can manage all existing snapshots via the Snapshots tab.

Server snapshot overview

You can view all existing snapshots in the snapshot overview. The snapshots are sorted chronologically in descending order so that the most recent snapshot is always listed first.

Select the Create snapshot button to create a new server snapshot.

Server-Snapshot erstellen

  • Description:

    Enter a description for the server snapshot so that you know exactly which status this snapshot contains in order to be able to better decide which status should be restored in the event of a possible recovery.

  • Save working memory:

    This option is particularly suitable when using technologies that use the working memory to store important information there. Examples: Redis, memcached, APCu.

The snapshot function is only available for servers with a maximum partition size of 1,000 GiB. Alternatively, please use the Server-Backups.

Server snapshots are subject to a maximum retention period of 14 days. Older snapshots are automatically removed without further notice.

Restore server snapshot

Existing server snapshots can be restored using the Restore button. To do this, select the relevant snapshot.

Restore server snapshot](/api/attachments.redirect?id=36893c3c-a5f7-4ad8-a594-3aa349eb3ee0)

In addition to the host name, an SMS TAN must also be entered for the snapshot restore order. Select the Request code button to receive an SMS TAN.

Once the snapshot has been successfully restored, you and the owner of the organization will receive a confirmation by email. The server can then be administered again as usual via our Customer Center.

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