Deactivate storage space warning


We will inform you by e-mail when the server's storage space is 80% full so that precautions can be taken in good time. These notifications are activated by default, but can be deactivated if desired.

Please note that if the storage space is 100% full, individual functions on the server may be restricted and applications may no longer work properly.

Disable notifications in the customer center

It is possible to deactivate notifications for each server individually. To do this, simply navigate to the Customer Center and then to the overview of the servers assigned to your user account.

Kundencenter - Server-Übersicht

Select the server for which you want to deactivate the notifications.

Kundencenter - Serverdetail Ansicht

There you can open the window under Settings → Email notifications to make the settings for the respective server.

Customer Center - Server details e-mail notifications

Once here, you can use the checkbox to set whether you would like to receive notifications or deactivate them for the respective server.

By clicking on the Save changes button, you can effectively save the setting you have made.

Deactivate notification via e-mail

If you have already received storage space warnings, you also have the option of deactivating them via e-mail.

There is a link in the footer of the e-mail address that you can use to deactivate the e-mail notifications.

If you click on this link, a window will open in which you can select which notifications you would like to deactivate using checkboxes.

Click on the Save settings button to save the current settings.