In addition to our Server Full Backups, the Plesk Control Panel offers an easy way to perform manual or automatic backups of individual subscriptions or all subscriptions. You can create an unlimited number of backups based on your server capacity. By default, Plesk backups are stored on the server's local hard disk. The Plesk Control Panel offers the option of configuring remote storage so that, for example, a Creoline storage box can be used as backup storage.

Backup variants

The Plesk Control Panel distinguishes between two types of backups. For both types of Plesk backups, a scheduled backup task can be set up for incremental or full backups.

Server backups

The Plesk server backup automatically backs up all of the server's subscriptions and makes the partial backups available to the respective subscriptions so that Plesk users with the corresponding rights can restore the associated backups.

Subscription backups

You can use subscription-specific backups to back up individual subscriptions or enable your customers to configure backup tasks.

Please note that the Plesk backup function is not automatically configured by us when a new server is ordered. The automatic full server backups in the creoline customer center are activated automatically.