ImunifyAV extension

The Plesk extension ImunifyAV is an intelligent antivirus and security monitoring tool to automatically scan websites for malware or malicious files. The free version offers a comprehensive scan for all websites in Plesk.


  • Managed Server
  • Plesk Control Panel

ImunifyAV Scan

The ImunifyAV extension is installed in Plesk by default and can be started under Extensions.

You can either scan all your websites created in Plesk or select individual websites to be scanned.

If you start ImunifyAV for the first time in your Plesk Control Panel, it is necessary to accept the ImunifyAV license agreement.

Plesk - ImunifyAV License Agreement

You will then be redirected to the ImunifyAV Control Panel, where you can scan individual domains or websites for malware or malicious software with a single click.

Plesk - ImunifyAV Panel

Update ImunifyAV database

To update the ImunifyAV malware databases to the latest version, navigate to ImunifyAV in the Plesk Control Panel and select the About tab.

You can update the ImunifyAV malware database by clicking on Update now.