E-mail import in Plesk


Importing emails into a Plesk mailbox enables centralized management of various server services, improves security and provides backup capabilities. This facilitates overall administration, promotes integration with other Plesk services and enables efficient self-administration of email accounts.


  • Server with Plesk Control Panel
  • Access data for the e-mail mailbox

Import existing e-mails

To import existing emails, you need access to the existing mailbox. Navigate to your Plesk Control Panel and select the Email tab and then the Email Import button.

Another input field opens. Click here again on Import e-mail messages. You then have the option of entering the data for the email account you wish to import.

We recommend that you also have the option of entering the IMAP host and port by clicking on Show advanced options to ensure that the login works successfully.

You can now also select whether you want to import the emails into an existing account or create a new one. Then confirm your entries by clicking on Ok and start the import of the desired e-mail inbox.

Frequent error messages

Error message Solution
The IMAP host (source) cannot be loaded. Make sure that you have entered the correct IMAP host under "Advanced options".