Order additional WAN IP address

Additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses can be ordered and registered for our managed and unmanaged server solutions via our customer center.

Order additional IP address

First log in to the Customer Center at account.creoline.com and select the server for which you would like to order an additional IP address. Then navigate to the Network tab.

Select the Order IP address button to order a new IPv4 or IPv6 address for one of your WAN interfaces.

Select the desired WAN interface and the IP address type you would like to order. Then confirm your order by clicking the Order with costs button.

Configuration of the IP address

If technically supported, the new IP address is automatically configured in the server and can be used by you immediately.

If automatic configuration is not possible, manual configuration via SSH or RDP is required.

Example configurations


Open the network configuration /etc/network/interfaces with a text editor and add the following configuration:

# /etc/network/interfaces

auto ens18:0
iface ens18:0 inet static
address 5.1.X.X/24

If necessary, replace the interface designation ens18 and the address with the previously ordered address. Then save your changes and start the new network card via ifup ens18:0.


If you would like to configure a new IP address for a Plesk server, please refer to the article Add IP address in Plesk.