Firewall rule types

The cloud firewall provides different types of firewall rules. A distinction is currently made between static and dynamic rules.

Static rules

Static rules can be used to make explicit specifications for source and target networks. In addition, the firewall rule can be restricted to a selected network card and a specific network protocol.

Dynamic rules

Dynamic rules can be used to configure group rules that map various creoline services, among other things. The dynamic rules are managed by us and can be extended automatically.

List of dynamic rule groups

The most important dynamic rule types are listed below.

Group Description
Cronjob-Server Enables incoming TCP connections on port 22 for our cronjob servers.
Monitoring Service Enables incoming TCP connections on port 10050 for our monitoring servers.
Plesk Single-Sign-On Enables inbound TCP connections on port 8443 for inbound Plesk SSO requests.
Creoline Support Enables inbound TCP and UDP connections from our support.
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