Email protection

creoline E-Mail Protection offers a collection of different services for securing your e-mail infrastructure.

Inbound Protection (protected domains)

With the help of inbound protection, you can protect your e-mail server from viruses and spam e-mails. Incoming emails are made available to our decentralized infrastructure via mail exchange routing (MX) and then forwarded to your target server (origin server).

E-Mail Protection - Inbound Lifecycle

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Outbound Protection (send connector)

We provide send connectors for outbound e-mails. This means that outgoing e-mails from your server are no longer routed directly to the desired destination, but are transmitted in advance to our send connector server (relaying).

Our send connector infrastructure consists of a decentralized mail server cluster which is monitored around the clock. If one of our IP addresses is listed on a DNS-based block list, the respective server is automatically replaced by a new server in order to maximize the deliverability of your emails.

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creoline E-Mail-Protection also provides a central e-mail archive, which can be used to archive incoming and outgoing e-mails in a legally compliant manner.

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