Connect domain to a server

Several steps are required to connect an existing domain to a creoline server. Please ensure in advance that you have the necessary rights to adjust the associated DNS zone and the web server configuration of the associated server.

Tip: When you order a creoline DNS server, a DNS template with the required DNS entries is automatically generated. If you register a new domain via creoline DNS, you can select the DNS template of the server during the ordering process so that the DNS records are created automatically. More information on DNS templates →


  • Access to the DNS zone of the associated domain
  • Access to the web server configuration (e.g. via Plesk Control Panel)

DNS records

To determine the required DNS entries, navigate to the menu item Server in the Customer Center and select the server that is to be connected to the domain.

Then make a note of the corresponding IPv4 and IPv6 address of the server:

Call up the DNS administration of your domain that is to be connected to the server. If you have registered the domain via creoline DNS, navigate to the menu item DNS → DNS zones in the customer center and select the corresponding DNS zone.

If entries of RR type A or AAAA have already been configured for the DNS zone, remove the entries before creating further DNS entries.

Create a new DNS entry using the Create entry button.

Then enter the IPv4 address determined in the previous step in the "Value" input field and save the DNS entry. Then repeat the creation of a new entry to connect the different domain variants and protocols to the server.


RR-Type Host Value Callable Domain
A IPv4 address
A * IPv4 address
AAAA IPv6 address
AAAA * IPv6 address

By specifying *, all subdomains, such as www. or webmail. are automatically connected to the server. Please note that the primary domain (here: is not covered by the specification of *.

Adjustments to the DNS configuration can take several hours until they are available worldwide. Use our free DNS Lookup Tool to determine DNS entries.

Web server configuration

Once the associated DNS zone has been successfully configured, the domain can be configured in the web server. If you use the Plesk Control Panel to manage your server, you can log in to the Plesk Control Panel and add a new domain.

You can then configure a free SSL certificate for the domain so that access to the website is encrypted via SSL/TLS.

Fix domain routing problems

If the web application you are using can only be accessed via a specific variant of the schema and domain, the web server must be configured for automatic forwarding.

Example using Shopware 6:

In Shopware 6, it is necessary to specify the schema and the domain for a sales channel. From a technical point of view, a domain can be accessed via 4 different variants of schema and domain:

variant scheme domain
1 http://
2 https://
3 http://
4 https://

In this case, decide on a desired variant and configure your web server so that all other variants are immediately redirected to the target domain using 301-redirection.

You can use our HTTP redirect test to check the correct configuration of the redirect. Ideally, in the event of a redirect, you should be redirected immediately to the correct variant. Therefore, if possible, avoid several consecutive 301 redirects in order to keep the loading time for your visitors as short as possible.