Hostname & working domain

In addition to the DNS host name, a wildcard working domain is also available for all managed servers so that web applications can also be tested without their own domain.

Server hostname

The DNS host name of the server is generated using the following scheme: The five-digit (here XXXXX) number consists of the unique server ID. The DNS host name of the server is also resolved via RDNS (reverse DNS) so that you can easily operate an e-mail server, for example.

More information about RDNS: Configure RDNS entry

No Internet pages should be made available under the server host name. Always use the working domain of your server for the provision of websites or test environments.

Working domain

The server's working domain is used to test web applications even without your own domain. The working domain is made available here by default via the following scheme:

Special feature: Not only the working domain triggers correctly to the server, but also the associated wildcard domain can be used. ( * ).

For example, and can be used at the same time.