Setup of new Windows RDP/RDS licenses

To set up new CAL (Client Access Licenses) for our Windows server solutions, a few steps are required. This help center article supports you in setting up, applying for and then installing the RDS licenses.


  • Add roles and features
  • Determine license server ID
  • Request licenses
  • Add new licenses in RDSM

Add roles and features

The Remote Desktop Service (RDMS) is required to configure the licenses. You can install this on the server via Add roles and features.

Here you select Role-based or feature-based installation and continue with the installation up to the Select server roles step.

Here you select the remote desktop services to install them on the server. You can then continue with the installation up to the Select role services step.

There you select all remote desktop services and can continue with the installation to the end.

Once here, you can start the installation by clicking on Install. The installation of the Remote Desktop Services will then start, after the successful installation a restart of the server is necessary.

Determine license server ID

Call up the Remote Desktop Licensing Manager via the Server Manager.


By right-clicking → Properties on the active license in the following overview, you can determine your license server ID. This is required by our support team, for example, if you require additional Microsoft licenses.

Remote Desktop Licensing Manager


Apply for licenses

User CAL licenses can be purchased directly from our support team. Please contact us and let us know the license server ID and the number of User CALs you require.

Contact us

You can find an overview of available Microsoft licenses at

You will then receive the activation code from us so that you can continue with the next step.

Adding new licenses in RDSM

After the initial installation of the Remote Desktop Services, call up the Remote Desktop Services via the Server Manager.

Here you can see the current server license and can view and edit the other licenses for the server. You can start the Remote Desktop Licensing Manager by right-clicking on the server in the server overview.

Right-click on the active license to install and add new RDP & CAL licenses.

Follow the instructions of the License Installation Wizard and enter and add your license number in the next step.

You must then complete the license installation wizard to the end and have successfully added the additional Microsoft licenses.

Known errors

The following error occurs during license installation:

Customer information is missing or corrupted. Enter all required information in the Properties dialog.

The error occurs if the information required to activate new licenses is missing or corrupted. You can add or edit these via the properties of the Remote Desktop Licensing Manager.

Here you navigate to Required Information and fill it out truthfully, this information will only be used by a Microsoft support specialist should you need assistance.