Customize hardware profile

For our managed servers, we provide a simple and flexible option for customizing the hardware profile. The configuration can be carried out flexibly at any time, regardless of contract terms.

Attention: Please note that the server will be restarted immediately when the hardware profile is adjusted. If it is a production server, the adjustment should be carried out at a favorable time.

Perform V-CPU and memory customization

First log in to our customer center at and select the server for which you would like to adjust the V-CPU cores or memory.

Then navigate to the Overview tab and select the "Adjust CPU and RAM" button.

You can use the sliders to determine the new number of V-CPU cores and the size of the RAM in the unit GiB. Then check the contract adjustment preview to determine the new monthly price for your server.

You can then carry out the chargeable order using the Adjust hardware profile button. The adjustment will then be carried out immediately and billed from the next contract period. If there is a remaining term for the server, an upgrade is credited pro rata to the remaining term, as the upgrade becomes active immediately. The pro-rata credit will be shown on the corresponding invoice as a "One-off contract adjustment".

You will receive a separate e-mail with the order confirmation.

A restart of the server is carried out by adjusting the hardware profile. If the corresponding server is used productively, schedule a short maintenance window.

Frequently asked questions about customizing the hardware profile

**How long does the upgrade or downgrade take?

The hardware adjustment triggers a restart of the server in the background. The actual downtime is usually no more than 30 seconds.

**Can the hardware customization be undone?

Yes, you can make an adjustment in both directions several times during the current contract period.

**Can I upgrade more than 32 V-CPU or 128 GiB RAM?

Yes, please contact our support team so that we can coordinate an upgrade.

**What are the costs of the one-off contract upgrade?

The additional costs incurred as a result of the hardware upgrade will be offset against the remaining term of the contract on a pro rata basis. The remaining term will be rounded down in your favor and calculated in proportion to the additional costs.