Email inboxes

Mailboxes can be managed in just a few steps via the Plesk Control Panel. To do this, log in to our customer center at and log in to the Plesk Control Panel.

Create mailbox

Navigate to the desired subscription for which you want to create an email mailbox and select the Email → Email Accounts tab.

Plesk - E-Mail-Postfach erstellen

You can create a new mailbox using the Create e-mail address button.

Fill in the mandatory fields E-mail address and Password and then click OK to apply the changes.

Set up forwarding

Navigate to the subscription for which you want to set up forwarding and select the Email → Email accounts tab.

Then click on the desired email address for which you would like to set up forwarding and select the Forwarding tab.

Activate forwarding via the Enable e-mail forwarding checkbox and then enter an e-mail address in the text field to which incoming e-mails should be forwarded.

If you want to set up several forwarding destinations, use one e-mail address per line.

The changes can then be saved using the OK button.

Automatic reply / out of office note / vacation

You can set up a server-side out-of-office note via the Automatic reply tab.

Activate the "Enable automatic reply" checkbox and then enter the desired text in the "Message text of automatic reply" text field.

You can use the "Switch off automatic reply on" option to automatically deactivate the out-of-office message on a specific day.

Wildcard / Catch-All e-mail address

The behavior for non-existent users can be configured via the e-mail settings of a domain. This setting allows you to automatically forward emails that cannot be assigned to a unique user to another mailbox.

This setting requires the e-mail service to be activated on the desired domain.

Set up wildcard e-mail address

Navigate to the Email settings menu item and select the Forward to address option. Then enter the desired destination e-mail address in the input field.

The forwarding only takes effect if the mailbox of the respective domain was neither created via an e-mail address nor via an e-mail alias.