Configure RDNS entry

In this support article, you will learn how to customize the reverse DNS configuration for your server.

The RDNS settings can only be customized for the products V-Server, Shopware Server, Agency Server, Managed Redis, Managed MySQL or Managed Elasticsearch.

Change RDNS entry

First log in to the customer center at with your access data. Then select your server via the menu item ServerVirtual servers.

Use the side menu to navigate to the Network tab. The network interfaces that are currently configured on the server are displayed in the upper area.

You will find the available IP addresses with the corresponding DNS PTR entries (RDNS) directly below.

Click on the RDNS entry to change it:

In the RDNS hostname input field, you can change the existing hostname to the desired hostname.

Please make sure that the RDNS hostname corresponds to the actual Full Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the server.