Set up web hosting in Plesk


In Plesk it is possible to set up web hosting and thus make your website or online store visible to the outside world.


  • Plesk Control Panel

Create DNS record for web hosting

A DNS entry is required to use web hosting in Plesk. The following DNS entries are required:

host type IP address
A The IPv4 address of the Plesk server
www A The IPv4 address of the Plesk server
AAAA The IPv6 address of the Plesk server
www AAAA The IPv6 address of the Plesk server

Our help center article DNS records shows you how to manage, create and change DNS records. This concludes the configuration of the DNS zone for the use of your web hosting in Plesk.

Please note that the changes may take some time to be published worldwide.

Add domain in Plesk

To configure the web hosting in the Plesk Control Panel, your domain must be created in the Plesk Control Panel. Alternatively, you can also use a working domain for this; you can find out how to create this in the Help Center article Working domain.

To do this, navigate to the Website & Domain item in the Plesk Control Panel and click on Add domain.

In the window that now opens, you can either select a pre-installation or, as in our example, create an empty website.

In the following selection window, you can now enter your domain name and adjust the settings according to your wishes. Then select the Add domain button to add the domain to your subscription.

Your web hosting is now set up and can be accessed via the previously selected domain.

If necessary, the document root must be adjusted in the hosting settings of the respective domain.

Issue Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for web hosting

To secure your previously created website with Let's Encrypt, continue with our help center article Securing your website with Let's Encrypt.