Set up forwarding of the server IP to a website


This article explains how you can use the Plesk Control Panel to set up a redirect for calling your server IP address in the browser to a specific URL without the need for a registered domain.


  • Managed server
  • Access to the Plesk Control Panel


To set up forwarding in Plesk, first log in to the customer center at Then select the server under the Server menu item and log in to Plesk using the Plesk Control Panel button. Alternatively, you can also log in directly via the Plesk Control Panel.

You can find the access data in the Customer Center under Server → Server ( → Control Panels

In the Websites & Domains overview, use the Add domain button to create a new domain, e.g. server-ip.redirect, with an empty website. The domain does not have to be actively registered, as it is only used internally in Plesk for redirection.

Plesk Control Panel - Overview Websites & Domains](/api/attachments.redirect?id=285f7650-a3cb-490b-82f1-a0891f4672ea)

Then open the hosting settings of the newly added Domain via Hosting and DNS → Hosting and adjust the highlighted fields accordingly:

  • Type: Forwarding
  • Forward visitors to: Your destination URL
  • Redirect type: Permanently moved (code 301)

SSL/TLS support: Enabled → In this case, the IP address should definitely be called without https in the browser, otherwise SSL/TLS support should be disabled

Hosting Einstellungen

If you want to save your desired settings, Plesk will ask you for confirmation and inform you that no document root is required for this domain type and that it will be deleted. This document root is automatically created by Plesk when a domain is created.

After you have confirmed the deletion and the settings have been saved, navigate to Tools & Settings in the sidebar and select IP Addresses under Tools & Resources.

Tools & Resources

Here you click directly on the server IP address that is to be used for access in the browser. Then select the previously created forwarding domain as the default site and save the changed settings.

Assign redirect domain to IP address

When you call up the IP address in the browser, you should then be forwarded to your entered destination. If you are not redirected, we recommend that you clear your browser cache and try again.