Add IP addresses in Plesk


If you have ordered an IP address via our Customer Center, you can add it in the Plesk Control Panel and assign it to the desired website.


  • Server with Plesk Control Panel
  • Additional WAN IP address

You can find out how to order additional IP addresses in the article Order IP address.

Add IP address

To add your new IP address in the Plesk Control Panel, log in to your Plesk Control Panel. For step-by-step instructions on how to log in to the Plesk Control Panel, see Logging in to the Plesk Control Panel.

Then navigate to Tools & Settings → IP addresses, here you can manage the IP addresses and add or remove new IP addresses.

Then click on Reread IP so that the previously added network card and the corresponding IP address are added in the Plesk Control Panel.

Use shared IP address

If you want to use the new IP address for multiple subscriptions, the provisioning of the address must be adjusted in Plesk. Click on the newly added IP address and change the provisioning option to Shared.

The IP address can then be configured for several websites.