Login to the Plesk Control Panel


You can use two different methods to log in to the Plesk Control Panel. In addition to logging in directly via the Plesk Panel, you can also use your Customer Center access data to log in to your Plesk server.

Login via the Plesk Panel

Call up your host name via the following URL: https://sXXXX.creolineserver.com:8443. Please note that the subdomain must be replaced with your server ID.

Plesk Control Panel - Login

You can find the access data in the customer center under Server → Server (sXXXX.creolineserver.com) → Control Panels

Registration via the customer center

In addition to logging in directly via your server, you can also log in via the customer center. To do this, log in with your access data at account.creoline.de.

Then select the Server menu item.

Kundencenter - Übersicht

To display the server view, click on the server on which Plesk is installed.

Kundencenter - Server-Übersicht

In the server view, you can use the Plesk Control Panel button to perform the SSO login in Plesk and immediately access the Plesk overview page.

Kundencenter - Server-Ansicht

If the menu item Plesk Control Panel is not displayed on your server, please contact our support so that we can check whether the Plesk instance has been initialized correctly on your server.