Set up automatic backups

In addition to our Server Full Backups, the Plesk Control Panel offers an easy way to perform manual or automatic backups of individual subscriptions or all subscriptions. You can create an unlimited number of backups based on your server capacity. Alternatively, you can use our storage-box-solution to store your Plesk backups on a separate storage.

Automatic backups of the entire server

In addition to the subscription-specific backup tasks, as an administrator you can also set up a global backup task for all subscriptions on the server.

To do this, navigate to Tools & Settings → Backup Manager.

Select the Schedule menu item in the global backup manager to create a new global backup task, edit the existing one or deactivate it.

Activate the option "Enable this backup task" and then select the desired hourly, daily, weekly or monthly interval for the backup task.

If you have activated the automatic full server backup provided by creoline, we recommend that you select a period outside of 0.00 - 03.00 hours.

You can then define whether you want to use the incremental backup. With incremental backups, only the changes between the last backup are saved. This saves hard disk capacity and at the same time significantly reduces the execution time of the backup process. Please note that in the event of an error within the incremental backup chain, all backups from the time the error occurred cannot be restored.

Next, you can use the "Maximum number of files that can be stored for full backups (applies to both scheduled and manual backups)" setting to define the maximum number of backups to be kept until Plesk automatically removes the older backups.

In the backup settings, you can specify which files you want to back up. Here you have the choice between:

  • E-mail messages (e-mail inboxes)
  • User files (web server files in the file system)
  • Databases (MySQL databases)

In the standard setting, Plesk backups are saved on the local server hard disk. In addition to our server solutions, we also offer storage box solutions that can also be configured for Plesk backup.

More information on storage box configuration

Then click on the Save button to save the changes and return to the previous view.

In the global backup manager, you will receive confirmation that the backup task has been successfully scheduled. If you want to edit or deactivate the scheduled backup task at a later time, repeat the steps accordingly.