Restore backup

First log in to the Customer Center with your access data and call up the Plesk Control Panel of the affected server.

Restore backup

Navigate to the menu item Tools & Settings โ†’ Backup Manager.

Select the desired backup via the creation date that you would like to restore.

Various options are available for the restore.


You can use the Download button to download the Plesk backup in order to extract individual files and then restore them.

Restore selected objects

The "Selected objects" setting allows you to restore individual subscriptions or parts of an individual subscription.

All objects (entire system)

This setting is used to restore all the contents of the server backup.

Restoration of selected objects

In the "What do you want to restore?" option, select the value "Selected items ". You can then configure which types of content you want to restore from the selected subscriptions. The following options are available:

  • Subscription (entire subscription of a customer)
  • Customer (All subscriptions of a customer)
  • E-mail account (Individual e-mail inbox of a subscription)
  • Database (Individual database of a subscription)
  • SSL/TLS certificates (individual certificate of a subscription)
  • Websites (web server files of a subscription)

Select the desired elements from the list of available elements and click on the Select object(s) button.

Finally, select the Restore menu item to start the restore. If you would like to be notified once the restore is complete, you can activate the option "Send notification to when restore is complete " and enter your e-mail address.