Set up Storage Box for managed server backups

The Plesk Backup Manager can be used to automatically create daily server backups based on incremental backups. In this Help Center article, you will learn how to connect the Plesk Backup Manager with our Storage Boxes in order to store backups decentrally.

Configure Plesk Backup Manager

First log in to the Plesk Control Panel of your managed server as administrator admin or root.

Alternative login options for the Plesk Control Panel can also be found in the article: Logging in to the Plesk Control Panel

Navigate to the menu item Tools & Settings → Backup Manager and select Remote Storage Settings.

Activate the FTP(S) option and add your login information to the Storage Box.

Connection information to the Storage Box

You can view the connection information directly via our Customer Center in the detailed view of the desired Storage Box in the drop-down menu under Display access data.

Apply the settings in Plesk according to the following pattern:

Configuration Value
Hostname or IP of the FTP server
Directory for storing backup files / (subfolder, if desired)
FTP user name Storage Box user name
FTP password Storage Box password
Use passive mode Yes
Use FTPS Yes