Internal Server Error - Inter Roman font

Since Shopware 6.5 the font Inter Roman is used in the default theme. This is loaded via the following file name:


By using the file extension .var.woff2, the Content Negotiation module is loaded when Apache2 is used, which incorrectly interprets a type map using the .var instruction. Due to the missing type-map specification, this results in Error 500: Internal Server Error

Error message: Internal Server Error (500)

Shopware Internal Server Error - Inter Roman Font - Content Negotiation

Solution 1: Activation of delivery via nginx

When using the Plesk Control Panel, static files can be delivered directly by nginx. To do this, log in to the Plesk Control Panel and navigate to the relevant domain. In the Hosting & DNS tab, select →Settings for Apache & nginx.

Then activate the option "Serve static files directly through nginx" and save the changes. The web server configuration is automatically reloaded and the font is now loaded correctly.

Solution 2: Removal of the type-map handler

Alternatively, the problem of incorrect interpretation of the font can also be solved by deactivating the type map handler.

To do this, add the following instruction at the end of the Shopware .htaccess file:

# /var/www/

# [...]

# End Shopware

<IfModule mod_negotiation.c>
    RemoveHandler type-map .var

If you make the change above # End Shopware, your customization will be automatically removed with the next Shopware update.

After saving the changes, the font will be loaded immediately. It is not necessary to restart Apache or nginx.