DNS templates

DNS templates can be used to synchronize multiple DNS zones centrally via a DNS template. This function helps to manage a large number of DNS zones simultaneously and to roll out changes centrally across all connected DNS zones.

DNS-Vorlagen Verwaltung

Create DNS template

Log in to the Customer Center at account.creoline.com and select the menu item DNS → DNS templates on the left sidebar. You can create a new DNS template using the Create DNS template button. Enter the desired name of the DNS template and activate the standard name servers that are already to be stored as NS entries in the new template.

Manage DNS records centrally

Select the desired DNS template for which you want to add, edit or remove DNS entries. In the detailed view of the DNS template, you can immediately determine for how many DNS zones your changes will be made.

Change DNS template (20 connected DNS zones)

In this example, all changes to the DNS template would be applied to 20 DNS zones. Please note that all changes to the template are made asynchronously. You will receive a short confirmation email once the changes have been successfully applied.


Various variables are available for the DNS templates, which are resolved accordingly in the connected DNS zones.

Variable Meaning Example
{zone.name} Name of the DNS zone example-zone.de
{zone.name.ace} Name of the DNS zone (ACE notation) xn--tr-xka.de
{zone.soa.ns.primary} Primary name server a.ns.creoline.net
{zone.soa.admin.mail} Administrator's e-mail address noc@domain.de
{zone.soa.ttl.default} Default TTL in seconds 3600

The variables can only be used for the values of the RR type CNAME, TXT, SSHFP, SRV, MX, CAA and NS.

Connect DNS zone to a DNS template

Existing DNS zone

To connect an existing DNS zone to a DNS template, select the menu item DNS → DNS zones in the left sidebar. Then select the desired DNS zone.

Connect DNS zone to a DNS template

In the detailed view of the DNS zone, select the menu item Settings → Connect DNS template.

DNS-Vorlage verbinden

In the pop-up window, you can select the desired DNS template to be connected and synchronized.

Attention: All existing DNS records of the selected zone will be removed by connecting the DNS template and replaced by the DNS records of the DNS template.

Confirm the connection of the DNS template via the Connect DNS template button. All existing DNS entries of the DNS zone are then removed and replaced with the DNS entries of the DNS template.

DNS zone (connected to a DNS template)

The DNS entries are then displayed with a lock symbol, as the entries are now managed centrally via the DNS template. Changes to existing entries are only possible via the template.

Additional DNS records

Despite the connected and synchronized DNS template, additional DNS entries can be stored in the DNS zone.

DNS records that are created in a connected DNS zone are not distributed to the other connected DNS zones. If a DNS entry is required for all connected DNS zones, this must be created in the DNS template.

Separate individual DNS records

Parallel to the synchronization of complete DNS templates, individual DNS entries can be excluded from synchronization. To do this, select the Disconnect DNS entry option within the DNS zone to exclude the entry from synchronization.

Attention: If a DNS entry is excluded from synchronization, it cannot be reconnected at a later time. The entire DNS zone must be reset so that the DNS entry is fully synchronized with the DNS template again.

Disconnect all DNS records

To stop the synchronization of the DNS template, you can disconnect the entire DNS template from the DNS zone. To do this, select the Disconnect DNS template option within the DNS zone to stop synchronization.

Disconnecting the DNS template does not remove any DNS entries from the selected DNS zone.

Reset DNS template

You can use the Reset DNS template function to resynchronize all additional DNS entries or disconnected DNS entries with the DNS template.

DNS-Zone zurücksetzen

To do this, select the menu item Settings → Reset DNS zone in the desired DNS zone.

Attention: Resetting the DNS zone resets all manual changes to the DNS template.

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