Adjust PHP setting upload_max_filesize


The PHP configuration variable upload_max_filesize and post_max_size can be used to configure the maximum file size and the maximum request size.

First select the Server menu item from the sidebar in the Customer Center under Then select the relevant server where the PHP setting is to be adjusted.

Now open the Plesk Control Panel via the Plesk Control Panel navigation item. Alternative login options can be found in the article: Login to Plesk Control Panel.

Customization for a single domain

Once you are logged into Plesk, you can select the domain via the global search or the Subscriptions menu item.

Plesk - PHP-Einstellungen

Once the affected domain has been selected, select the PHP settings option.

Plesk - upload_max_filesize

Within the PHP settings you can adjust the value upload_max_filesize. The value is freely definable and can be configured with the units M or G for megabyte or gigabyte.

Important: The configuration post_max_size does not refer to the POST part of the HTTP request, but to the global request size. For this reason, the value for post_max_size should be larger than the value for upload_max_filesize.

PHP Property Explanation
post_max_size Global request size incl. GET, POST and FILES
upload_max_filesize Maximum file size for a single file upload

To adjust the upload limit to e.g. 50 MB, enter the value 50M for both post_max_size and upload_max_filesize. Once the settings have been saved, the web server restarts automatically with the new configuration and the new upload limit is immediately available.

Customization for all domains

To increase or decrease the PHP setting for all domains of a PHP version, the PHP configuration file (php.ini) must be adjusted.

To do this, select the PHP settings item in the settings on the left-hand sidebar.

Plesk - PHP-Einstellungen

Then click on the PHP version for which the setting is to be adjusted globally.

The configuration file can be adjusted via the php.ini tab:

Plesk - php.ini

In the text field, search for the term upload_max_filesize and post_max_size and replace the specified values with the desired new value. The default setting in Plesk is 2 MB.

Example values
50M 50 Megabyte
1G 1 Gigabyte
5G 5 Gigabyte

Then click on the OK button to save the changes.