Change PHP version


The PHP version with which the selected websites are operated can be changed by adjusting the PHP version.

Please note that your website may not be compatible with all PHP versions. Before making any changes, check the compatibility via the manufacturer's website of your application.

To adjust the PHP version, first log in to our customer center at with your access data.

Use the navigation to select your server under Server for which you want to change the PHP settings. Then open the Plesk Control Panel via the Plesk Control Panel menu item.

If the menu item is not displayed on your server, you will find further options for logging in in the article Logging in to the Plesk Control Panel.

Customization for a domain

Once you are logged into Plesk, you can select the domain via the global search or the Websites & Domains menu item.

In the next step, select the PHP menu item to adjust the current version.

Select the new PHP version you want to activate from the drop-down menu.

If the latest PHP version is not displayed, you can install additional PHP versions. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Then click OK or Apply to make further adjustments to PHP.

Additional setting options for PHP: