Use PhpMyAdmin without an active Plesk session

In this article you will learn how to use the integrated PhpMyAdmin without an active Plesk administrator session.

Opening the PhpMyAdmin web interface is a potential security risk. We recommend additional security mechanisms, such as a Fail2Ban integration or a Captcha entry after a certain number of failed logins.

Installation of the Panel.ini editor

First log in to the Plesk Control Panel via the Customer Center. If the SSO (Single Sign On) function is not available, you will find the access data in the Access data area of your Managed Server.

Plesk Extensions - Panel.ini Editor](/api/attachments.redirect?id=dade5335-244e-40d5-b44d-57a9783a5d4a)

You can search for and install the Plesk extension "Panel.ini Editor" via the "Extensions" tab. After successful installation, the extension can be started via the "Open" button.

Configure PhpMyAdmin for use without an active Plesk session

Select the Editor tab and add the following content to the end of the input field:

features.phpMyAdmin.loginForm.enabled = on

After you have saved the new panel configuration with the Save button, you can access PhpMyAdmin via the server URL + /phpmyadmin/.

As an example:

PhpMyAdmin Login