System user

The system user is the actual Linux user who owns the files and folders of a subscription. The system user can also be configured so that SSH access to the server is possible.

In Plesk, a maximum of one system user can be used per subscription. If you need additional users for file management, use FTP user instead.

Setup SSH access

To give the system user SSH access to the server, first log in to the customer center at Then select the server under the Server menu item for which you want to set up SSH access.

First make sure that a rule for incoming TCP connections exists under the Firewall tab that allows SSH connections. You can find more information on firewall rules here.

Then select the Overview → Plesk Control Panel tab to log in to the Plesk Control Panel.

Then select the Web hosting access menu item for the desired subscription.

Changing the user name and/or password may have unwanted effects if the user account is already being used for cronjobs or other recurring tasks.

In the "System user" area, you can define the SSH user name and the associated password. You can use the "Access to the server via SSH" setting to specify whether and with which shell the user should be given access to the server.

Available shells:

Shell Explanation
/bin/bash Full Linux Shell
/bin/bash (chrooted) Isolated Linux Shell

If the full Linux shell /bin/bash is selected, the SSH user can navigate freely on the server and possibly view sensitive information. The chrooted shell may need to be customized for the user, as very few use cases are covered by this shell by default.