Shopware 5 installation

This article describes how to install and configure Shopware 5 on the Managed Shopware Server.


  • Active Managed Shopware Server
  • SSH root access
  • Plesk Control Panel access

Create website

A new website within Plesk is required for the installation of Shopware.

You can create a new website using the Add domain button. To do this, enter the desired domain under which the Shopware store should later be accessible.

If you do not yet have your own domain, you can use the working domain of the Shopware server. This corresponds to the syntax: Replace the prefix with your server ID.

Also specify the system user name that will later become the owner of the Shopware installation on the server.

Plesk Control Panel - Add new domain

Configure website

If you would like to additionally secure your website via SSL/TLS, you can set up a free Let's Encrypt certificate. You can find step-by-step instructions in the Help Center article Set up Let's Encrypt certificate.

Create database

The next step is to create a MySQL database for Shopware. You can create a new database via the menu items DatabasesAdd database.

Enter the desired database name, the database user name and the password for the new database user and confirm your entries by clicking the OK button.

MySQL-Datenbank hinzufügen

Download installation package

Establish a connection to the server via SSH connection with root access.

Download the latest version of Shopware 5 from the official Shopware website.

For this procedure, we save the .zip file directly in the appropriate location.

cd /var/www/vhosts/ServerName/httpdocs/
rm -r *

Unzip installation package

Unzip the installation package using the unzip command.


Once the installation package has been successfully unzipped, the user and group rights must be adjusted accordingly so that the web server has access to the files:

chown -R systemuser:psacln *
chown -R systembenutzer:psacln .htaccess
chown -R system-user:psacln .git-blame-ignore-revs
chown -R systemuser:psacln .htaccess
chown -R system-user:psacln .php-cs-fixer.php

Important Use the correct system user that you specified when creating the website.

Once the installation package has been successfully unpacked and the user and group rights have been set, the installation package can be deleted using the rm command:


Perform installation via web browser

The installation of Shopware 5 can now be carried out using a web browser. To do this, navigate to the domain that you used to create the website in the first step.

Shopware 5 Installation - Installation via web browser

Follow the instructions from the Shopware installer and use the previously created database access data for the database configuration step:

Shopware 5 Installation - Database configuration

Once the database has been successfully imported, you can configure the store master data and the first Shopware administrator.

Shopware 5 Installation - Shop Setup Shopware 5 Installation - Completed

Call up Shopware 5 backend

The Shopware 5 backend can be accessed via the /backend directory. Navigate to your store domain and add the directory /backend. You can then log in to the Shopware backend with the previously configured login information.