Set up FTP access

In this article you will learn how to set up your own FTP user for your creoline Managed Server.

Login to the customer center

First log in to the customer center at with your access data. Select the server for which you would like to set up FTP access via the Server menu item.

You can then log in to the Plesk administration of your server via the Plesk Control Panel menu item.

Create a new FTP user

In the Plesk interface, select the domain for which you want to create FTP access and then select the FTP access menu item in the domain overview.

You can create a new FTP account via the FTP account add button.

Fill in the corresponding fields for the new FTP access:

  • FTP account name

    Enter the desired user name for the FTP access in this field. We recommend that you add a prefix to the user name as the FTP account name can only be used once per server

  • Base directory

    The base directory specifies the root directory of the FTP access. To work directly on the document root level of the domain, for example, we recommend specifying /httpdocs. All available folders can be displayed via the folder symbol.

  • Password

    The password for FTP access should be selected via the Generate button.

Tip: To increase the complexity of the generated passwords, you can customize the security policies in Plesk. You can access the settings for password quality via:
Tools & settings ' Security guidelines ' Password quality ' Minimum quality for passwords

Establish connection via an FTP program

Once you have successfully set up FTP access, you can connect to the server using an FTP program.

Access data for your FTP program:

  • FTP server: The FTP server address corresponds to the host name of your server.\e.g.
  • User name: The previously created user name Password: The previously created password Port: 21 Mode:** Passive

Tip: To increase the security of your FTP server, you can disable insecure FTP connections via the security policies in Plesk.
You can access the settings for secure FTP connections via:
Tools & settings ' Security guidelines ' FTPS usage policy ' Only allow secure FTPS connections