Network traffic calculation

We agree an inclusive traffic limit per server for our virtual and dedicated server solutions. If the agreed traffic limit is exceeded in a calendar month, the additional network traffic is billed in the subsequent invoice.

Traffic evaluation

You can use our customer center to evaluate the traffic by network per calendar month aggregated across all servers. In the evaluation, you can determine the traffic per network. Information about incoming and outgoing traffic is also displayed. You can find a detailed analysis per server in the Server → Traffic section.

Traffic-Auswertung nach Netzwerken

Calculation basis

As a basis for calculation, we add up the agreed traffic limit of all servers so that unused traffic volume can be used to compensate for traffic overruns on other servers. At the end of a calendar month, we add up the actual consumption of all network cards and offset this in your favor against the total available traffic volume. Any resulting overruns are taken into account in the next invoice.

To ensure that the inclusive traffic of all servers can be used, we deviate from the respective contract term in the traffic calculation and use the respective calendar month instead of the current contract term.

Definition of traffic types

We distinguish traffic by network in two different categories.

WAN traffic

WAN traffic refers to traffic between the server and the Internet. Traffic between two creoline servers is also counted as WAN traffic if the public IP addresses are used for communication.

VPC traffic

VPC traffic refers to the internal traffic between creoline servers. VPC network cards can be created with just a few clicks via our customer center to establish a direct connection between two creoline servers.