License activation

In this article you will learn how to activate an already purchased GitLab Enterprise license for GitLab Premium or GitLab Ultimate Seats.

If you do not yet have a GitLab Enterprise license, please contact our support team at any time so that we can assist you in acquiring a suitable license.

If you are using GitLab CE (Community Edition), it is not possible to activate an Enterprise license. Please contact our support so that we can help you upgrade to the GitLab Enterprise Edition.

Activation via the GitLab web interface

First log in to the GitLab web interface of your GitLab Enterprise Edition and navigate to the Admin area → Subscription.

Enter the license key from our e-mail in the Activation Code area. Then click on the Activate, button to activate the license.

Please note that activating the license will automatically restart GitLab to activate the Premium or Ultimate functions.

If there are any problems activating the license, please contact our Support at any time so that we can help you solve the problem as quickly as possible.