Domain cannot be renamed

If you encounter difficulties when renaming a domain, this is often due to the fact that PHP has been selected as the FPM variant.

Error message:

Unable to rename home of sysuser [..] User is currenty used by process <pid>

Stop PHP-FPM service

Navigate to the website you want to rename and determine the currently active PHP version. In this example, PHP 8.2.11 is active for the website. Then navigate to the menu item Tools & Settings → Service Management.

Stop the PHP-FPM service that is active for the website via the stop icon. Then navigate to Websites & Domains and open the domain you want to rename.

Click on the ... button for the desired domain and select Change domain name.

Then enter the desired domain (without www.). In this example we use the domain

Then navigate again to Tools & Settings → Service Management and reactivate the PHP 8.2 FPM service.