Configure preferred domain

Once you have fully set up the desired domain for your sales channel and configured a suitable SSL certificate, you can set up an automatic 301 redirect to the exact URL of the sales channel for your store domain.


Shopware 6 distinguishes between the protocols http://, https:// and whether the domain is called via www. when a sales channel is called. To avoid duplicated content, the setup of all four cases in Shopware should be avoided and instead a permanent redirect (301) should be carried out by the web server.

Customize preferred domain

First log in to the Plesk-Control-Panel via our Customer Center and navigate to your store domain.

Then select the Hosting menu item in the Hosting and DNS tab.

Select your desired variant in the Preferred domain setting. Here: After you have saved the changes, you can use our free HTTP redirect tool to check whether the redirects are working properly.