Project computer

You can use the project calculator to create a cost indication for your project in advance. Add servers from our templates to your project and customize them exactly to your requirements in the next step.


Add custom servers

You can easily add servers by clicking on Project computer → Add server, and fully customize the required server to your needs.

Projektrechner - Server hinzufügen

value explanation
Name The freely selectable name for your server
Pre-installation Which operating system / software should be set up as a pre-installation on the server
V-CPU cores CPU cores that the server should provide
Memory The memory (RAM) in GiB that the server should provide
Hard disk The amount of hard disk space in GiB that the server should have available
IPv4 addresses How many IPv4 addresses are required
IPv6 addresses How many IPv6 addresses are required
WAN traffic Required traffic between server and Internet (WAN)
Full backups The number of automatic backups required
High availability If the server is to guarantee high availability

Add predefined servers

You can also add one of our predefined servers to your project and customize it to your requirements in the next step.

Project computer - Predefined servers

Customize server configuration

It is possible to subsequently adjust servers that you have added to the project computer and adapt them to your needs.

Project computer - quick editing

Project computer - Edit server

Share project computer

Our project calculator allows you to share the configuration with your team, customers or creoline support. It generates a URL that you can share with anyone you want.

Projektrechner - Projekt teilen

Request a quote for the project

You can request a non-binding quote for your project via Project calculator → Request a quote.

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