Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication allows you to protect your creoline user account with an additional authentication step.

Activate two-factor authentication

First, log in to the creoline Customer Center at and navigate to your personal user account. Navigate to the My account โ†’ Security tab.

Select the Activate button in the Two-factor authentication area.

Scan the QR code with your authentication app or use the key shown below to set it up manually.

Once the key has been saved in your authentication app, you can generate the first code using your app. Now enter the 2FA code from the authentication app in the "2FA code" input field to complete the setup.

From this point on, you can only log in to the Customer Center using two-factor authentication.

Please ensure that you have access to your authentication app at all times.

Deactivate two-factor authentication

To deactivate two-factor authentication, navigate to the My account โ†’ Security โ†’ Two-factor authentication tab in the Customer Center and select the Deactivate button.

Start your authentication app and generate a code to complete the deactivation.

Reset two-factor authentication

If you have difficulties with two-factor authentication when logging into the creoline Customer Center, you can reset it using your verified e-mail address and your verified mobile phone number.

To do this, select the Reset two-factor authentication button when you log in to the Customer Center.

Request the e-mail and SMS code for deactivating two-factor authentication. Please note that the respective codes are only valid for 10 minutes and must be requested again after expiry.

Confirm your action by clicking on Reset. If your details were correct, you will be automatically logged out and all active sessions will be closed. You can now log in to the Customer Center again without two-factor authentication.