Issue SEPA direct debit mandate

To issue a SEPA core direct debit mandate for your organization, first log in to our Customer Center at with your access data.

Open the settings for your organization via the gear icon (1) next to the name of your organization. You can access the saved payment methods via the Payment methods tab (2). Select the Add payment method button (3) to add a new payment method.

Select the payment type SEPA direct debit to issue a new SEPA mandate.

Then enter your correct bank details and confirm your entries by clicking the Grant direct debit mandate button.

Please note that the previously issued SEPA direct debit mandate cannot be used for existing invoices. Please use the existing payment method for the respective invoice.

After you have successfully issued the mandate, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail including the issued mandate for your records.

Frequently asked questions

Can the previously created SEPA Direct Debit Mandate be used for an existing invoice?

No, existing invoices must be paid using the respective payment method of the invoice. The recently issued SEPA Direct Debit Mandate will automatically be used for future invoices if the payment method has been configured as the default.