Issue PayPal debit agreement

To issue a PayPal direct debit agreement for your organization, first log in to our customer center at with your access data.

Open the settings of your organization via the gear icon (1) next to the name of your organization. You can access the saved payment methods via the Payment methods tab (2). Select the Add payment method button (3) to add a new payment method.

Select the PayPal payment method to issue a new PayPal debit agreement.

Then follow the instructions on the PayPal website and select the desired payment method for the direct debit agreement. After successful confirmation, you will be redirected back to our customer center and the PayPal payment method will be displayed as the new default payment method.

Future claims will then be automatically debited from your PayPal account. You can revoke the direct debit agreement at any time via our customer center or via the PayPal website.