This article assumes that you are logged in to the Customer Center and that the logged-in user has permission to manage roles.


This article deals with the topic of user roles in creoline. A user role controls the access permissions to the various areas of the customer center. By granting the various authorizations, the users of a role can be granted different sub-areas or actions in the Customer Center.

The user roles allow you to map your existing organizational hierarchy in the Customer Center.

For example, you can create a role for your accounting staff that only contains authorizations for accounting purposes, such as viewing invoices and changing the default payment method.

User roles also offer the option of restricting access to sensitive areas of the Customer Center, such as the management of contracts by employees of your organization.

Role management

To begin any action you wish to perform regarding user roles, first click on the cogwheel icon next to the name of your organization in the top left area of the Customer Center.

You are now in the organization administration. Switch to the Roles tab in the upper area.

You can add new roles or edit existing roles via the role administration. Using the search field in the upper area to the left of the Add role button, you can filter the roles that have already been created so that you can keep track of a large number of roles and efficiently find roles that you want to edit.

You can perform the following actions in the role administration:

  • Create roles
  • Edit roles
  • Edit role authorizations
  • Remove roles

Create role

First navigate to the role administration. Click on the Add role button in the top right-hand area.

You can use the role name to define an individual name for your role. Also add the optional description so that you can assign the role more easily at a later date. The new role can then be created using the Create role button.

The role you have just created is now visible in the role administration. Here you can create additional roles for other employee groups in your company, such as administrators of your system or employees in the Website Manager.

Edit role

First navigate to the role administration as described above and click on the role to be edited.

Then click on the pencil symbol next to the name of the role in the top left-hand area. The form for changing the name and description of the role is then displayed.

Customize the role as desired and save the role by clicking on the Save changes button. The adjustments you have just made are applied directly.

Edit authorizations of a role

First navigate to the role administration as described above and click on the role to be edited.

In the authorization management you will find all assignable authorizations in grouped form. Select the authorization group for which you want to adjust the authorizations.

A form is opened in which all authorizations for the selected group are displayed. Here you can adjust the authorizations in detail. To do this, select or deselect individual entries to limit or extend the authorizations for the role.

Then click on Save changes and the changes will be applied immediately. Customize further authorization groups according to your ideas and needs.

Remove roll

Removing a role is permanent and cannot be undone.

First navigate to the role administration as described above and click on the role to be edited.

Click on the Settings button in the top right-hand area.

The role is completely removed by clicking on the Remove role button.