Cancel contract

To cancel a contract, first log in to the Customer Center at with your access data. Then navigate to the Contracts menu item in the left-hand navigation and select the contract you wish to cancel.

Cancel entire contract

Click on the Cancel contract button to cancel the contract.

Cancel individual positions

In addition to canceling the entire contract, you can also cancel individual items for specific contract items. Select the relevant contract and use the Cancel individual items button.

In the pop-up window, you can select the relevant items to be canceled. Please note that not all items can be canceled individually if there are dependencies between different contract items.

As soon as the termination has been noted, you will receive a confirmation of termination by e-mail, stating the date of termination.

If you do not have access to the customer center, you can reset your password or cancel the contract in writing by e-mail to or fax to +49 (0) 2507 900 80 - 09, stating the contract number.

Revoke notice of termination

If you wish to revoke an existing notice of termination, you can do so up to 15 minutes before the actual execution of the termination.

To do this, select the "Revoke notice of termination" button to revoke a notice of termination that has already been issued but not executed. By revoking the cancellation notice, the associated contract is automatically extended.

Please note that revoking the notice of termination will restore any notice periods.