Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in the browser directory of the computer. This enables website operators to track exactly how visitors use their website. To do this, cookies "remember" the user's login data and store their website settings. creoline GmbH uses cookies and similar technologies (such as URL tracking and local storage). In this Cookie Policy, such processes are also subsumed under the term "cookies".

Does creoline use cookies?

Yes. We use technically necessary cookies in accordance with our privacy policy to

  • ensure that our services are available properly,
  • detect fraud and prevent violations of our terms of use
  • Provide support in the form of our chat widget

Required cookies

Name Domain Type Duration
XSRF-TOKEN main provider 3 hours
creoline_session main provider 3 hours
session main provider 30 days
intercom-id-* third-party provider 9 months
intercom-device-id-* third party provider 9 months
intercom-session-* third-party provider 1 week


The cookie is used exclusively to protect against cross-site request forgery. Each time a * page is called up, an encrypted token is generated which is compared with the server when forms are sent to ensure that the request was actually sent by the original browser.


The cookie is used to identify creoline products and identifies the logged-in user and the current organization. The cookie is used for the products Customer Center, Help Center, Server Configurator, Feedback Portal, Download Portal and the main page


The cookie is used for fraud prevention and checks HTTP requests for unusual activity. In addition, a bot check is carried out via this cookie in order to be able to identify spam requests preventively.


The cookie is used to identify anonymous visitors and is technically necessary in order to be able to offer our live chat on all platforms used. When visitors visit our websites, the cookie is set automatically.


The cookie uniquely identifies each browser session and is technically necessary in order to be able to offer our support via live chat.


The cookie identifies each individual device that interacts with the Intercom live chat widget. This cookie is set by the third-party provider Intercom and is technically necessary to ensure our support via live chat.