Third party provider

You can add a third-party provider to manage your organization in the Customer Center. If your agency participates in the creoline partner program, you can grant your agency access to your organization. With the help of the third-party provider authorization, all employees of the agency can gain access to your products.

Add third party provider

A third-party provider authorization can only be granted by the owner of the organization. If you are logged in as a user, ask the owner of your organization to grant the authorization.

First log in to the Customer Center at and navigate to the master data of your organization via the cogwheel at the top left, directly next to the name of your organization. Then switch to the Third-party provider tab. Use the Add third-party provider button to enter the third-party provider key that you have received from your agency.

As soon as you confirm the key by clicking on Add third-party provider, the third-party provider receives access rights to manage your organization. The third-party provider will receive a separate e-mail about this.

If you do not have a third-party provider key, you can request one from the respective agency.

Remove third party provider

Navigate to the Third-party provider tab and select Remove third-party provider for the third-party provider you wish to remove.

Then confirm with Remove third-party provider, this will immediately remove all rights and management options for your organization from your third-party provider.

The third-party provider will not receive a separate email about the removal of the authorization.

What rights does the third-party provider receive?

Third-party providers in your organization receive the rights of the selected role. You can create a separate role for each third-party provider and assign the rights individually. If you do not specify a role, the third-party provider receives the authorizations for the following areas:

  • Products
  • Orders
  • Contracts
  • Renewals
  • Cronjobs
  • Support tickets