Additional verification

To protect your user account, we carry out additional KYC verification under certain conditions. This verification includes an extended ID check to ensure that no third parties gain access to your account or sensitive account information.

Step 1

In the Customer Center, you will see that additional verification is required. By clicking on "Perform KYC verification" you will be redirected to our KYC partner.

Step 2

Scan the QR code shown with your smartphone or have the direct link sent to you by SMS.

Step 3

Download the Nect Wallet App from the App Store or Google Play. Then follow the instructions within the Nect Wallet app to complete the verification.

Authorized documents

  • ID document with NFC function
  • Identity card (German, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Greek)
  • Residence permit (German)
  • Passport (worldwide)

Step 4

Once verification has been successfully completed, you will have full access to your creoline account.

Problems with verification?

If you cannot successfully complete the additional verification, please contact our support team.