Create organization as a partner

This help center article requires an active creoline partner account. If you do not yet have a partner account, please contact us at

Create organization

Navigate in the left navigation to the menu item Partner program โ†’ Organizations.

Then select the Create organization button to create a new organization for your customer.

Two different partner modes are available for the new organization in the following dialog box.

Affiliate mode

Select this mode to use your existing user account as a contractual partner. All contracts concluded via this account are automatically billed using the currently applicable affiliate commission. You can change the owner at any time, for example to transfer the account to your customer.

Reseller mode

Select this mode if you have agreed special conditions with us and invoice the resulting products directly to the customer.

For the associated organizations that you create as a reseller, the following information is passed on to the sub-organizations:

  • Billing address
  • Payment methods
  • E-mail addresses (standard, technical and accounting)

Ideally suited if you act as a reseller and charge our hosting solutions directly to the customer.

If you are unsure which mode is best suited, please contact us so that we can support you here.

Once the organization has been successfully created, you can view and manage it immediately via the Partner program โ†’ Organizations tab.

Requirements for affiliate commissions

Please note that the affiliate commission will only be allocated if the sub-organization is a referred organization that was either created via the partner account or the organization was created via the referral link. Sub-organizations that are subsequently linked via the third-party provider authorization do not receive an affiliate commission.

When do I receive an affiliate commission?

  • Organizations created directly via the partner account
  • Organizations created via the referral link