Close organization

If you wish to close your creoline account, you can perform this action directly via our Customer Center. Please note that this action is irrevocable and the organization cannot be reactivated at a later date.


  • no active domains
  • no active contracts
  • no pending renewals
  • no outstanding invoices

Close organization

Log in as the owner in the Customer Center at and select your organization's master data using the gear icon.

Click on the Close organization button to check the prerequisites.

If all requirements have been met, you can close the organization by entering an SMS-TAN. This action will automatically log you out and your user account will also be deactivated if no other organization has been assigned to your user account.

Please note that financial data and other transaction information will continue to be stored in accordance with legal requirements. After the statutory period has expired, all further information will be automatically deleted from our system without further feedback.