Partner levels

As a creoline partner, you receive attractive purchasing conditions and commissions for referred customers. By participating in our partner program, you have the opportunity to choose between two different modes in order to provide your customers with the ideal services. The different modes depend on the way you want to manage your customers through us.

Partner modes

Affiliate mode

Affiliate mode is suitable if you as an agency would like to refer customers to us but do not want to act as a contractual partner. In this mode, you permanently receive the applicable commission for existing contracts.

Reseller mode

Reseller mode is suitable if you want to invoice existing services directly to the customer. In this mode, you can create additional organizations and book services that are invoiced directly to you.

Advantages and disadvantages of the different partner modes


In reseller mode, you receive better purchasing conditions than in affiliate mode. Please note that all services between you and your customer must be invoiced directly via you. Legal and data protection-related services must be observed and offered by you.


In affiliate mode, your customer has the option of obtaining support directly from us, so that your support department is relieved. In reseller mode, only you as a partner have the option of obtaining support from us.

White labeling:

As a Platinum Partner, you have the option of offering a white-label platform for your customers in reseller mode.

Special conditions

Conditions in affiliate mode

Affiliate level Commission Mode
Silver 10 % Affiliate
Gold 15 % Affiliate
Platinum 20 % Affiliate

Tip: When a partner level is downgraded, commissions already granted on existing contracts are not downgraded.

Please also note that when a partner level is promoted, the new valid commission is not applied to existing commission-based contracts.

Conditions in reseller mode

Partner level Discount Mode
Silver 15 % Reseller
Gold 20 % Reseller
Platinum 25 % Reseller

The reseller conditions also apply to servers ordered directly from your partner organization.