Manage organization members

The Members area is the central location for managing the members of your organization.

You can carry out all actions relating to the members of your organization in this area.

Members Administration

To access the Members section, click on the cogwheel symbol in the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the Customer Center.

Then navigate to the Members tab.


Invite members

To invite a new user to your organization, click on the Invite user button at the top right of the page.

Then fill in the fields in the following pop-up window as required and assign the desired role for the new member. Then click on the Invite user button.

If the desired role does not yet exist, select Create new role from the drop-down menu. You can then create the desired role.

Edit members

First click on the member of your organization to be edited.

In the following pop-up window, you can customize the member as desired. After customization, click the Save change button to apply the changes.

The e-mail address of members can only be changed by the respective users themselves. If a member's e-mail address changes, the member must either change their e-mail address themselves or be invited with the new e-mail address.

Remove members

As for editing, select the member of your organization to be removed and click on Remove user. The removal process must then be confirmed with a further click so that the desired user is completely removed from the organization.

Please note that this action does not delete the user account, but only removes the assignment within your organization.