Activate reverse charge procedure

If your company has a VAT identification number and is based outside Germany, you can activate the reverse charge procedure by entering your VAT identification number (or Vat ID).


The following prerequisites apply for the activation of the reverse charge procedure:

  • Company registered office is outside Germany
  • Sales tax ID or VAT ID available
  • VAT ID or Vat ID valid


First log in to the customer center at with your access data. Then click on the gear icon at the top left to call up your organization's master data.

Click on the Change button for the VAT ID to enter a new VAT ID.

Please note that the VAT ID is automatically checked for validity in the background. It is not possible to change the VAT ID indefinitely.

After the VAT ID has been changed, the valid tax rate is updated automatically and immediately. If there is an error when saving the VAT ID, please check that the specified VAT ID is correct.