General information


With the help of organization management in the creoline Customer Center, customers can be divided into organizations and users. This makes it possible for a user to be a member of several organizations in order to map a wide variety of company hierarchies.

With the help of rights and role management, each user in an organization can be assigned different rights based on their roles. You can find out more about user roles here.

Scenario 1: Management of several companies

As the owner / managing director of several organizations, you can create all other organizations via the My account → Organizations tab to be able to manage all companies via one user account. Organizations created using this method automatically use your user account as the legal owner of the organization.

Once the organization has been created, you can invite your employees to the organization via the organization settings. The rights and roles system can be used to give different employees access to different areas of the Customer Center.

Scenario 2: New organization as a member of an existing organization

If you are already a member of an existing organization, you can create additional organizations via the My account → Organizations tab. Restricted rights from the existing organization only apply to the assignment within the respective organization. If you create a new organization, you automatically receive all owner rights for the previously created organization.

Rights granted via the organization apply exclusively to the respective organization. A user can be the owner and a member of two different organizations at the same time.